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My name is Adam Duff, an up and coming front-end web developer currently residing in Catskill, a small town in upstate New York. I learned much of the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as a teenager, and here I am today, with plans of making it into a career.

It truly is amazing, looking back, at how much things have changed. Back in the 90's we only had to account for desktop sizes and cross-browser compatibility. These days, everyone is viewing websites on different devices, with many different screen sizes, and it truly has morphed the way we go about website design and development.

My intent with this website is just a spot to share the projects I am working on, and I may add a blog/updates page at some point, if I am able to justify it with regular updates, just to share my thoughts. For now, this is a pretty barebones outlet for me to share my work, but knowing me, it will see many evolutions.

My end goal is to obtain a career in web development. I have been making great strides over the last year, and I can safely say I have not only refreshed my memory on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but I am now more knowledgable on the subject than I have ever been before. It is all very exciting! I was lucky enough to obtain the Grow with Google Scholarship through Udacity for the Front-End Development Nanodegree, and I am working hard on completing that, learning all I can on the way. From there, who knows what is in store! It is a journey and all journeys start somewhere. For now, it starts here!


Below are a few projects I have completed:

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